Diamonds are an alterhnative to passes that do not require that the player use actual money.


Diamonds can be obtained in some of the same ways as a pass with some variations.

  • Completing special offers
  • Trading 1 pass for 10 diamonds
  • Winning through events (bingo, wanderign horses, etc)
  • Rarely through horns of plenty (HoP)
  • Rarely in UFOs
  • Rarely when stroking a Topaz
  • Certain activities with Gem divines (Ruby, Diamond, Jade, etc.)
  • Wining the Gran Prix


While diamonds can not be used to buy horses in the sales they do still have uses.

  • Trading 1 diamond for 1 aging point
  • Buying Black Market Items (10 diamonds=1 pass)
  • Crediting Equus (1 diamond=2,000 equus)